What We Make:



CRISP... as a frosty winter morning

SMOOTH... as an icy breath of wind

CLEAN... as a fresh snowfall

Serve straight out of the freezer...

Alberta Beverage Winner!

Connect #: 790533


WARM... like Apple Betty straight from the oven

BRIGHT... like a bite of a crisp apple

CLASSIC... like mom used to make

Serve warm or cold...
Either way is delicious!

Alberta Beverage Award Winner!

Connect #: 790534


RICH... like a life-long friendship.

SWEET... but not too sweet!

AROMATIC... like your favourite brew.

Serve with hot coffee or over ice with milk - it's coffee bean like you've never seen.

Alberta Beverage Award Winner!

Connect #: 800163

Vanilla Frost

Exquisite, soothing and comforting...

A brilliant medley of vanilla bean and distilled clear spirit (from sugar).

Serve a splash with ice or with your favourite mix to add a twist of flavour.

It's vanilla bean like you've never seen!

Connect #: 790819

              S.O.B    (Smooth Oak BlEND)

 SMOOTH ... like what you would expect from an exceptional and slightly sweet spirit                   OAKY ... has rustic hints that emerge from aging in a high quality oak barrel                               BLEND.. is balanced and toasty, with just a hint of caramel

                                       Serve in water, soda or ginger beer


Connect # 825065

O.M.G. (Oh my garlic)

Subtle, savoury garlic flavour with a clean, crisp vodka finish. 

Serve in your Caesar for a twist.

Connect # 831208

Shelter Bay RUm

Our Shelter BayRum is a smooth sipping rum with caramel and vanilla undercurrents.

It's distilled from sugar cane ingredients and aged in virgin charred oak barrels.

Enjoy over ice or blended with your favourite mix. 

Connect # 844816

Loretta's Moonshine

Inspired by Local Country Artist Tracy Millar 

A Rhubarb Liqueur that sure to please your taste buds. 

Drink on it own or with gingerale, cran-gingerale, PC Jamaican ginger beer, PC Peach ginger beer

Connect # 847396

And they're ALL 100% gluten-free because we use sugar made from pure alberta sugar beets!

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